Confronting (Grown Up) Uncertainty

Hello, Friends!

I know I haven’t been reading or writing much lately, and I really have no good excuse. For me, October has been marked by long naps, Netflix marathons, and mini-feasts of Halloween candy. Shameful, I know, but my mind is heavy with thoughts of the now and the future.

You guys know how prone to hyperbole I am, so let me tell you that bringing a child into the world is the most monumental feat I’ve faced in life. With parenthood comes a ton of responsibility, the mere prospect of which has ushered Isaac and I down the path to confront uncertainty. My lazy and laconic October aside, progress (months in the making) has been made.

Allow me to elaborate:

First and foremost, we found out we’re having a girl. This literally took no skill or effort, but it’s just nice to have that uncertainty behind us. I was reluctant to share the name until she arrived for fear of copycatting, nitpicking or naysaying. I got over that pretty quick. Critics, and copycats: in March of 2013, baby Margot Bryn will be joining us. We like the name, and hope she does too, and that’s all that truly matters.

Hopefully she settles into our new house near Olympia, Washington nicely. We’re in the process of moving now, which prompts frustration when something you need is already packed up. Where is my hot glue gun?! 

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention we are now homeowners! Gone are the days of wasting money on rent, and upon us is a future of equity building. For months we’ve been searching high and low in a variety of neighborhoods and towns for the right home. Ultimately, we decided upon a two-story, new construction in the suburbs of Olympia.

I know what you’re thinking: the suburbs? Crystle, why are you eating all the words from your twenty-something lifestyle-manifesto? Do they even taste good? The answer is yes. They taste rich, like a European candy you need only try once, which is exactly how I now regard my idealist ‘me-against-the-world-Neon Bible‘ days. I’m trading that up for a more analytical and inquisitive ‘Helplessness Blues‘ era. For the sake of this post, I hope you’re familiar with those albums.

“Early Onset Parenthood” (as I refer to it) is bringing on a renewed perception of the world. It’s great.

So a final thought on the suburbs: I just wanted a crime-free neighborhood for our new addition, which was hard to come by in Tacoma Proper. We also need to be able to rent the place out when the Army whisks away to the next duty station. Moving from place to place in the US and around the world will be a certainty for us.

As evidence of our nomadic lifestyle, in a year’s time we’ll be residents of Fairbanks, Alaska! Be excited for us, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Most people never even visit the Last Frontier, let alone live there for an extended period of time. Six months of bitter winter weather (think -60°F on a bad night) giving way to warm summer hikes in Denali and brilliant shows of Aurora Borealis is a dream for a Bakersfield girl like me. I cannot wait to experience the extreme weather and immense beauty in our nation’s largest state.

Color me happy.


18 thoughts on “Confronting (Grown Up) Uncertainty

  1. Girrrrl, this is AWESOME!!!! How exciting, everything! Congrats on the baby girl. the name is cute. Margot! Loves it. Also, yes, the older I get…the most I just want some peace and quiet in the neighborhood and a dishwasher, for realz. No need to defend yourself! Finding a decent place in the safe are of the city (within MY price range) is difficult here, so I imagine it’s similar where you are.

    AND ALASKA!! WHAT???!?! AWesome. I hope you’ve seen the TV show Northern Exposure.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I’m glad you understand the plight of realty. A home with the perks we want, in a safe area, for a good price…is that so hard?

      I’ve seen an episode or two of Northern Exposure, but I don’t remember much. I’m trying to get my husband to hunt it down so we can watch it! There are a ton of reality shows about Alaska that we’ve been watching too. So interesting!

      1. You should try to watch some of it if you can! I used to watch it with my grandma when I was little so it does have a special place in my heart….but it really is a cool show too!

        1. Did you know Northern Exposure was filmed in Roslyn WA? Yup! I grew up camping there. Fairbanks is pretty diffrent from that… I would say for a more realistic idea of Fairbanks would be closer to watching Ice Road Truckers… It reminds me of that. Brrrr, it was -20 there this morning!

          1. Well then I’m going to have to watch out Ice Road Truckers! I’ve been monitoring the weather reports for Fairbanks lately, they’ve been getting quite a bit of snow. I believe later this week it’ll dip back down to -20. Ouch.

  2. I LOVE the name Margot. So cute. And Wes Andersonsy. :] I’ve been obsessed with Alaska since my friend moved to Anchorage. a few months ago. Every time I watch Alaska: The Last Frontier, I’m convinced I could live there, and without indoor plumbing.

    1. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of The Last Frontier, very entertaining…but indoor plumbing is still a necessity for me. I’ve also been watching Flying Wild Alaska. Love it! I’m also obsessed with the Iditarod. What an interesting event!

  3. So many amazing things happening for your little family! Congratulations and best wishes on all these big adventures. I have no doubt it will all turn out amazingly.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of changes! I also LOVE the name. Congrats on the new house and Alaska! That’s all so exciting!

  5. That’s so exciting about little Margot.. & I think it’s a lovely name. And WOW Alaska!? Awesome.

    P.S Hello I’m back (somewhat at least, I think..) 🙂

  6. MARGOT! AHHH! I LOVE THAT NAME! We came up with Avery’s name in the hospital after she was born. We were pretty sure her name would be Tatum. : )

    I can not wait to see the photos from Alaska when you start your new adventure there. I’ve always wanted to travel there, and I’m sure it will be awesome!

    1. Whew! Glad everyone seems to like the name. We’re really excited about it. And Alaska–I’m pretty sure I’ll need an external hard drive for all the photos I’m going to take up there. I hope to see some interesting wildlife and some beautiful landscapes.

  7. WOW — so many good things in this blog post. I also love the name dearly, and have heard Alaska is BEAUTIFUL. Looking forward to seeing all these wonderful changes in your life 🙂

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