A Halloween Movie Playlist

Fall is finally here! Here in the Evergreen State we don’t much evidence of that except for the early morning fog and tilted sunlight. What excites me most about this time of year is the Halloween Flicks that go largely unwatched during the rest of the year.

This year, I’m posting on my favorite Halloween-spirited Films. Nearly all of these selections are incredibly dated, and kind of terrible to watch if you weren’t exposed to them around their release, or you’re not a firm believer in the existence of ghosts or Killer Klowns from Outer Space (guilty plea here).  They really do vary from warm and enjoyable, to campy and occasionally creepy.


1. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) – Available on Netflix instant watch

Tagline: In Space, No One Can Eat Ice Cream

Follow a couple of teenage (or college-age, it’s hard to tell) kids as they chase after a meteor and stumble upon a circus tent in the middle of the woods in this true cult classic. Spoiler alert: these Klowns will shoot you with their ray guns, wrap you in a cotton candy cocoon and suck your blood out of a crazy straw.

2. Child’s Play and it’s sequels (1988)

Tagline: You’ll Wish it was Only Make-Believe

This is one of many flicks I should not have seen before age 12, or possibly ever. The terror I felt after watching this movie and it’s sequels lasted for years. The long-ago habit of me leaping from the doorway to my bunk bed was a direct result of this flick. Chucky was under the bed slicing ankles, and I was going to have none of that, friends. No way.

Really, though. The soul of a murderer possessing your ‘best friend’ doll? A total terror for kids, and for the adults–enjoy murderous doll catchphrases and silly special effects.

3. Candyman (1992) – Available on Netflix Instant Watch

Tagline: We Dare You To Say His Name Five Times

Any of you ladies suffering from a childhood of younger sister syndrome may know what it’s like to watch a scary movie with your older brother. In this film, if you recite ‘Candyman’ in the mirror, you will summon a hook-handed serial killer hell-bent on revenge for his own unjust execution many years prior. It was so scary I couldn’t even cope. It may have left psychological scars when my older brother locked me in the bathroom after ‘summoning’ the Candyman in the bathroom. I don’t ever remember screaming that loud.

After watching this as an adult, it’s far less terrifying and a bit dated. It’s still a decent story and a creepy film if you dim the lights and buy into the legend.

4. A Haunting Seasons 1-4  (2005)

Tagline: In This World There Are Doors, and When They Are Opened, Nightmares Become Reality.

Each of my endlessly patient ex-boyfriends and closest friends will confirm that I absolutely love this TV series from Discovery. They know, because I’ve subjected each of them to it on many a lazy Sunday. I have owned all of these DVDs for many years and I’ve watched them repeatedly. I repeat, I’ve watched them repeatedly. They don’t even have a spot in the DVD cabinet, they just stay out in the open, loose from their tattered box on the top of my bedroom dresser. I have zero shame about it because some of these stories are seriously compelling.

The home I grew up in was pretty scary at times, and I do believe it was haunted to some degree. I’d be happy to share those experiences on another post around Halloween if any of you are interested.

Anyways, the re-enactments are pretty over-the-top at times, and a few stories I flat out don’t believe. There are plenty of really great stories in this series to keep me watching both the good and the bad.

5. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Tagline: It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

Who could forget this classic made-for-TV movie? Three witches are resurrected to 1990s New England where they continue their reign of terror. It’s up to our friends, Thora Birch, Vinessa Shaw, and Omri Katz Dani, Allison and Max to save the day with their immortal cat Binx. I love every bit of this film, which is why you’ll see me running to the mailbox everyday anticipating it’s arrival. C’mon postman, bring me my order!


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