The Adventure Mom Gear Guide

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo - WeeHoo We GoMargot is now 3 years old, and Woods is about to turn 2. The time has flown! We’ve been on a few adventures while slinging along babies, and all their baby stuff. The most important aspect of bringing kids along in the outdoors, is transport!  How are you going to get a 9 month old to the top of that mountain? How do you plan on running with toddlers? Family bike rides sound fun, but what if my kids are too small to ride a bike? How am I going to carry all their baby gear? I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite adventure mom gear for awesome family adventures, either in the city or on the mountain.

Keep in mind, baby/children’s gear is expensive! Many of these items can be found on the cheap at yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, or on sale. Diligence is important if you want to keep the costs down. Scour those Facebook sales pages, craigslist listings and browse thrift/consignment stores often.

One consideration that did not cross my mind when buying baby gear for Margot was the prospect of having a second child shortly after the first. I had zero foresight that I’d need double-everything because I had two kids close together. That really put a wrench into things when I suddenly needed a double jogging stroller, a second hiking carrier, etc. So I recommend having a 5 year plan for having kid(s), it will make your baby gear purchases much more streamlined, and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Here goes!


I really love my Ergo Baby Carrier. I had one with Margot, but I didn’t use it long because I got pregnant quickly after having her. The belt on the Ergo was uncomfortable on my baby bump, and so I sold it, only to re-buy it after I had my second child. It’s a great carrier for nature walks, short hikes, and grocery store trips. You’ll also remember I love my Sakura Bloom Ring Slings – those are great for quick-ups, city trips, and daily use. They also allow for pregnant mamas to carry their babies comfortably! They are not, however, great for hiking or long distance walks because they don’t distribute weight as well as the Ergo does. I have the original, but wish I had opted for the performance, which provides better wicking for those hot sweaty hikes.

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo

Again, buy used! These things are considerably cheaper used, and many of them have seen hardly any use.



We don’t own this particular Osprey model. We have an old REI version of this that we picked up at a yard sale for $25. Trust me, that’s the way to go! Don’t spend retail dollars on a hard structured carrier. For most city folks, hikes in the mountain are few and far in between. If you plan to hit the trails every weekend, by all means, grab yourself a brand new carrier. Otherwise, check out yard sales, sales pages, and consignment stores for one of these. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25-100 for a used one (versus $250 brand new). It’s worth it for those long hikes with heavier kids.

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo

Strollers are a tough area, you’ll need different ones for different purposes. What you purchase will ultimately depend on whether or not you’ll have two children close in age (0-2.5 years age difference). For simplicity purposes, let’s assume you’re having two children relatively close in age. This was my experience.


A note on click-in car seat stroller systems: they’re handy but they’re actually rather impractical long-term. You’ll end up buying a convertible car seat later on down the line when they’re about 11 months old, so skip the click-in, and get the convertible car seat right off the bat! Wear your baby when you run errands, and you’ll save tons of shopping cart space.

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo

We have the Delta double umbrella stroller that is so handy for outings in big crowds. My husband has said many times that it was the best stroller investment we made – and we happened to score ours from Sears on clearance for $45. They’re currently on Amazon for $89.

If your baby is too small to ride in the double umbrella stroller (at 6 months old they typically have enough head control to do so), no problem – wear them in your Ergo. It’s no big expense to buy a cheap single umbrella stroller to cart around one child while you babywear, or one single child. Trust me on this one! You’ll be bonding with your baby, and you’ll be burning some extra calories carrying around your little one, or saving money by not buying into the click-in car seat system (we had the Britax system – $$$).


I didn’t run much with my Single Bob Revolution Stroller when I had only Margot. Again, I was pregnant again when she was 9 months old — it was also winter in Alaska. Not many opportunities to take the stroller out. Many people swear by their bob double strollers, and I wish I had the serious dough to drop on one! We unfortunately had already gone through so many strollers already, and didn’t have the money to throw down on a Double Bob AND a bike trailer. So we opted to sell our single bob, and purchase the much less expensive double bike trailer/jogger combo– the Weehoo WeGo ($230). We saved roughly $600 by opting for combining the two (money that was better spend on cycling gear). It also takes up much less space in the garage!

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo

I’ve put maybe 75 miles on my Weehoo WeGo jogger, and it does a fine job. Steering is difficult when the front wheel is locked, but when the front wheel is unlocked, there is terrible oscillation over bumps. I don’t think the Bob has these issues, but again, it all comes down to price. Serious runners who log 20+ miles per week, WITH children, or opulently wealthy people, yes, get the Bob. Everyone else, think twice about how much you’re willing to spend on something you may not use much. Injuries, inclement weather, and a variety of other factors might reduce the use you’ll get out of it. I’m currently training for dualthons and triathlons, and it’s summer in Alaska, so my jogger/trailer is getting a lot of use this year.

And the beauty of the WeeHoo WeGo is that it adapts to fit either one or two children! So no need to have a single bob, then a double bob, plus a bike trailer. This one unit does it all.


I had the Skip Hop Diaper bag, but found it useless for two kids who needed extra stuff, and it bothered me that it was only useful as a ‘diaper’ bag. I noticed that more seasoned mothers (with 2+ kids) didn’t have diaper bags, they used other multi-purpose bags to cart around their stuff. That was pretty brilliant to me, so I sold my diaper bag, and bought a used Lululemon Gym Bag on Ebay. Now that my kids don’t need breastfeeding accessories, backup outfits, burp rags etc, I use the bag to cart around my fitness gear, or I use it as a weekend bag. Luluemon bags are also great if you have a Babywearing or Mommy and Me Yoga class in your area (most of the bags have mat dividers). I used to take my kids to Babywearing Yoga classes before they started running amok and made too much noise and pierced the serenity one-too-many times. Anyway, these types of classes are a great way to get additional use out of your Ergo!

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo

This bag is the modern equivalent to the bag I have, at least in dimensions and color. You can find older versions, and used bags on sites like Ebay, Poshmark, and Mercari. For reference, I paid $55 for mine.

I hope this guide will help steer you in the right directions when buying baby adventure gear, and in a way that your bank account will appreciate. Those first few years are so expensive, without the added cost of unnecessary gear! And to see some of these in action, follow me on Instagram! @thatyeayealife


A Fond Farewell to Summer

Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKPioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKMaternity Double Exposure | Yea Yea Photography - Fairbanks, AK

Thirty-nine weeks, folks. That’s how far along I am today. This pregnancy has gone by in a flash, and I’m feeling all sorts of feelings the closer I get to my boy’s due date.

Summer has faded, and the crisp fall air is upon us once again. This time last year, we were saying goodbye to Washington and heading up North to the Final Frontier. This year, we’re long settled in, and anticipating the arrival of our second kiddo, Woody.

Yango is no longer with us, but we have a new dog Sally who is fitting in exceptionally well. We sold our Subaru Forester, and upgraded to a big fat Toyota Sienna. The power sliding doors, blue tooth, remote start, and back up camera are all reminders that it was worth the dive into the ordinary for sweet features, third row, and decent gas mileage. We know we want 3+ kids, so this move to a larger mommed-out vehicle was inevitable. I’ve embraced it.

Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKPioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKPioneer Park | Fairbanks, AK

So as I mentioned, summer is in the rear view mirror, and fall is here again.

And Fairbanks is slowly folding in for the winter. Every night, squawking geese fly overhead on their way south for their seasonal migration. The night time temperatures drop slowly and precipitously, and the sun fades behind the horizon at a decent hour every evening. Summer was nice, but fall is better. Fall feels normal in the land of the Midnight Sun.

September is here, meaning Woody will be arriving with it. Margot won’t be an only child much longer, and if you’ve been following my instagram feed, you’ve seen me clinging to the final weeks of being a family of just three.

Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKHappy Toddler - Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AKCrystle & Margot | Yea Yea Pueblo

I’ve loved staying at home with Margot; watching her grow and learn everyday since birth has been so rewarding.

Lately, Margot’s vocabulary has been exploding exponentially, and it’s amazing to see how independent she has become. She can throw away her own garbage, feed the dog, feed herself, tell me when she has an uh-oh in her diaper (this is a promising step in the direction toward potty training!), and ask for more of pretty much anything. She’s learned to say please, thank you, buh-bye and no at the appropriate times, and has the confidence to repeat nearly any word you ask her to say.

Today she nearly repeated all of the ABC’s as directed, and demonstrated, by shouting at the TV, that she knows both Cookie Monster and Curious George by name. We’re big PBS viewers around here. It’s my parent’s fault for marrying me off at a young age to the television, and it’s my own fault for harboring the relationship, and fostering it with my own toddler. Against better judgement, we watch a solid hour or two (or more — oops) of Sesame Street and Curious George throughout the day. We’re a TV family, and we own it.

When I need more sleep in the morning, I bring Margot into bed with me, queue up Curious George on Netflix, and let her watch for an episode or so, until I’m feeling energized enough to take on the day. Isaac particularly liked this approach when he came home from the Field last week, and needed more sleep during the weekends. My excuse is that pregnancy is hard when you have a giant belly, and a toddler to chase and corral all day. His excuse is he gets up early, and works hard. So there’s your peek into our parenting failures.

Isaac | Yea Yea Pueblo Isaac Antlers | Yea Yea Pueblo

On the weekends when we are well rested and well fed, we have headed out to kick around Alaskaland or walk around downtown Fairbanks, all in an attempt to enjoy the city before snow blankets the land once again. The Saturday activities have all been followed by Sundays of intense cleaning, nursery changes, and project completions. We’ve been busy. And lazy. There’s a balance there, and we’re hitting it in stride.

Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AK   Maternity Double Exposure | Yea Yea Photography - Fairbanks, AKMaternity Self Portrait | Yea Yea Photography - Fairbanks, AKThere are still a few things to get done before Woody arrives, but we’re pretty much ready for his arrival.

Until then, I’m cherishing the final few nights of 8+ hours of sleep, cool fall air, and only child Margot. These are all such fleeting events up here in the North.  Baby See, Baby Do | Yea Yea Pueblo

After the Summer Solstice

This poor blog has been at the bottom of my list of priorities lately. We haven’t traveled much in the last couple of months, and recipe development has been on the back burner. I’ve been relying on sandwiches, seasonal berries, crock pot meals, and greek yogurt to sustain my family — and on particularly busy days I feel like I’m throwing crumbs to the birds, shouting ‘fend for yourselves!’ as I head out the door for Book Club or an evening photo session.

Summer is winding down, I can tell because the further we stray from the Summer Solstice, the less daylight we have each day.

Crystle Maternity - 24 Weeks

Sally the BeagleEven with the long daylight hours, summer in Fairbanks has been very wet this year. Although I have no previous experience in Alaska to compare it to, I can say that it’s similar to springtime in Washington. We’ve had a handful of warm sunny days, usually when it counts, like during the Summer Solstice festival.

Fairbanks, AKFairbanks, AKBut overall, it’s been a very wet summer. The wettest in 100 years, I’m told. And overcast. Today we’re under cloud cover once again. The temps linger in the sixties and low seventies, exactly where they need to be for a comfortable summer in maternity clothes. I can’t imagine wearing full panel skirts and shorts when temps top 100, or attempting to buy a swimsuit while 7 months pregnant. I’m definitely thankful for the cool, brisk summer we’ve had so far.

Rainy day play dates and gatherings at the local community centers have been the norm.

Gatherings, Fort Wainwright, AKRainy Day Play Dates - Fort Wainwright, AK  Office Assistant Work has been steady over at Yea Yea Photography. But Margot, my assistant, only likes to help when I’m working with packaging materials, or editing photos of babies. More often than not, she insists on sitting on my lap and yelling ‘ga!‘ at the computer monitor when I cull images. Her clumsy little fingers smack against the keyboard in an attempt to help me type; it’s a much less endearing effort when she accidentally closes a window, or somehow hits ‘undo’ on my work.

Juggling childcare, work and service is a challenge. This year I’ve taken on a board position at the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC), a military spouse ministry I’ve been involved in since moving here to Fairbanks. I’m the Historian this year, meaning I walk around our events with my camera around my neck (as usual), taking photos of everyone having a good time. It’s a great way to serve in accordance to my skill set. You can see my photos on their Facebook page.

Messy Hair MargotI’ve also been meeting up with other photographers in town. I’m proud to have the talented Sarah Lewis in my collection of friends up here, and excited that she’ll be doing our Fresh-48 photo session when Woody arrives. She recently gifted me a jar of SCOBYs, and a vintage yogurt maker, both of which will get plenty of use.

It’s nice to talk shop with Sarah, and a few of the other photographers in town, whose experience and knowledge far outrank mine.

Crystle Maternity - 29 WeeksThis weekend should be the busiest in awhile. My friends are throwing me a baby shower Saturday morning, then I’m shooting a wedding (my first!) that same evening. After a busy period of culling and editing in the days following, I’ll be wrapping up some orders, then taking it easy on a brief Maternity leave.

Woody will be here in about six weeks. As his due date draws nearer, my confidence wavers. I’m terribly nervous about multiplying my parenting responsibilities and meeting everyone’s needs. The lack of sleep is also a daunting prospect. I expect difficulties in keeping up with Margot who is more and more active, yet needy, all the time. Right now she’s in the throes of a ‘don’t-put-me-down’ phase, it’s kills my back when I carry her without with the ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, which has proven itself essential more times than I can count.

Regardless of the workload, or the changes in responsibility, we’ve got a good thing going. Our family dynamic changes a little bit, everyday here in Alaska — a lot like the waning midnight Sun.