Settling Into the 360

Happy Halloween, Friends and Family!

This post is coming to you from our new house in the suburbs of Olympia, WA. We closed on our house Friday, and absolutely couldn’t wait to move. We picked up the keys and a moving truck in the same afternoon and got to work.

Let me tell you, this is the first time during this pregnancy I’ve felt rather useless. At five and a half months, I wasn’t really in a position to pick up heavy boxes or help lift large furniture. The combination of a shifting spine and a large belly limited my activities to packing and unpacking only. Somehow, it worked out.

Unpacking in a home with ample storage and a two car garage was absolute paradise. It may be something most people are used to, but trust me, we’re in luxury mode here.

Our kitchen is huge in comparison to our previous kitchens, and our oven HAS A WINDOW! That means I don’t have to open the oven to check the status of our meals! We’ve only been here a few days, and I’ve already broken the oven in with a tasty lasagna.

It’s also really nice having a half bath downstairs so guests don’t have to use our personal bathroom. Lord knows we have so many guests around here. Sarcasm.

But really, hint hint. Family and friends, it’s time to come visit again and baby Margot will be the perfect excuse next Spring.

Home Decor

What I most love about moving is re-decorating. I use the same items to decorate every place I live in, but  there are always variations in paint color and flooring which require a bit of creativity. Our house now has the same sterile, builder beige throughout, which I was not very excited about. I was hell bent on painting, but after that move I couldn’t ask my husband to do that (since again, I wouldn’t be able to assist). So, as a compromise, we bought a new duvet cover for the bedroom, and new bathroom linens to add more color and character to each respective room. It worked out really well.

Our yard is tiny, but with parks and a labyrinth of running trails in the immediate area, we won’t miss it.  And thankfully, a small yard means less maintenance.

Now that we’re almost entirely settled in to our new place, the next project is taking on the baby room.

So far we’ve accumulated a bit of clothing, and a crib. We’re hoping our generous friends and family back home will have fun kicking in for baby Margot as well.

I’d really love to see her book collection grow, but we also need a lot of those baby essentials like a first aide kit, bath, receiving blankets etc. Who knew babies required so many things?

Wish us luck on that new venture, because as first time parents, we’ll need it.


11 thoughts on “Settling Into the 360

  1. Chrystle, Just wondering if you got my last note on “Facebook”? This is new to me !
    Your house looks great, I love that you love a kitchen….I do too, and not all girls do !
    Baby Margot is lucky to have a new room whenever she arrives….Love, Oma

  2. Your stuff looks great in your new place- can’t wait to visit in spring. I clicked on link to Babies R Us but couldn’t find Margot’s registry. How is it listed?

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