Introducing Baby Margot

The last few days have been a whirlwind! Our baby Margot was born on Monday after 30+ hours of labor that began early St. Patrick’s Day. My anatomy didn’t make things easy for my 8 lb 6 oz baby to enter the world so I ended up having a cesarean section to ensure her safety. Don’t worry, there was never an emergency looming, it was just a typical difficult delivery.

Scenic Hospital View - Tacoma, WA

Long story short, the labor was long, the delivery was short and our baby is healthy, happy and beautiful. I’m elated that we had no major complications, and that we had such a great team of medical practitioners to coach us through the entire journey.

The process was only made smoother by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who flew in from Oklahoma to help around the house before and after the birth. Our dogs were well taken care of, and coming home to a clean house with a fridge full of food was beyond the best case scenario.

Baby Margot 3Welcome MargotDaddy & MargotFirst Car Ride for Margot

Well friends, and family, please forgive the brevity, I’m still healing and I’ve got a glorious baby that I’d rather be holding! Thanks for the enduring well-wishes and kind words during the pregnancy and beyond.

Mommy & Margot


11 thoughts on “Introducing Baby Margot

  1. Mommie & Daddy, She looks adorable, keep us posted as time permits. I’m sure you’d love for Christie to just “live-in”, but she is needed here….she is the best example of “motherhood” that anyone could ever imagine…’ll just have to take lessons from her !


  2. congratulations!!!!!! seriously, she is beautiful but you know that 😉 cool hospital room too! i’m glad everything went well and more pics soon, ok??? and my only advice, even if your frustrated with her at some point and feel helpless…soak her up, seriously. i can’t believe how fast wesley has grown – i keep looking back pics from even a couple months ago in disbelief!

    1. Thanks, Krystal! I’m (figuratively) trying to pump the brakes on my baby’s growth. I want her to be a tiny little girl that fits in my arms forever!

    1. Congrats to you, Courtney! Looking forward to hearing about your parallel baby adventures. We’ll be hitting a lot of milestones around the same time, that ought to be much fun!

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