Year Twenty-Seven and the Roller Coaster Ride into Motherhood

Well, I survived another year on planet earth, barely. Yesterday was my 27th Birthday, and things got off to a rocky start which has sort of been the norm for the last few weeks. I ended up sick as a dog, and threw up with such violence that I burst dozens of capillaries in my face. My now red-freckled face, paired with the unmistakable waddle of someone with sciatic pain, is a sad testament to the miracle of pregnancy. Ha! The day improved considerably after my husband whipped up my favorite fruit salad, (I’ll have to share the recipe soon because it’s winning) baked me a beautiful carrot cake, and proffered lots of hugs.

While the morning of my Birthday was quite sour, the final week of being a twenty-sixer was marked by pregnancy symptoms far worse. My midwife ended up prescribing me painkillers after witnessing my body shaking uncontrollably from the pain. Although I tend towards hyperbole, I must clarify that these body aches were more severe than any other pain I’d ever endured, and they were apparently a rare sight according to my clinicians. Now I’m able to walk around unassisted, and tear-free! So trust me when I say, I’d take the Birthday nausea and the subsequent red-face over those body aches anytime.

So on my Birthday, with my mobility roughly restored, my husband and I took to the mall for a Birthday present but I couldn’t find anything I wanted. Probably because I usually gravitate towards clothes, and this super pregnant body has not complied with that type of shopping for months. In fact, all the shopping I’ve done during this pregnancy has been on baby stuff and home decor (see the photos below). I reckon that must be God’s way of redirecting the selfish desires of young women (okay, me) toward more matronly pursuits. 

Then today, as though I’d never had a pregnancy discomfort ever, I was the best I’ve felt in weeks. I was able to clean the entire first floor with just normal distended-belly discomfort. It was pretty miraculous, so I hope this strength and energy continues until Margot arrives, which is hopefully on her due date this Friday.  Otherwise, it’s back on the pregnancy roller coaster ride I’ve been stuck on for 9 months.
LinensAnd I owe a great many thanks to my friends, family and readers who have shouldered the brunt of my recent pregnancy woes and consoled me with well-wishes and unending empathy. I sincerely appreciate your support and love during such a life-changing period! The next post you’ll see around here will be a baby welcoming one.

Friends of Margot


9 thoughts on “Year Twenty-Seven and the Roller Coaster Ride into Motherhood

  1. It’s good to hear these real life pregnancy stories for future reverence. I hope you continue to feel better and that Margot will come soon! Can’t wait to meet her.

  2. So sorry you had to go through that! It sounds absolutely awful. My best friend had a really, really similar experience a few months ago (in her 3rd tri). Same thing with the horrible vomiting and pain all over her body, including the shaking and even collapsing. They never could definitely diagnose her because baby was in the way of ultrasounds and precluded her from xrays, but they are pretty sure it was kidney stones, especially because it stopped suddenly after a few days (The thinking was that at that point she had passed all of them). She was on percocet for about a week I think.

    Anyway, I am glad you are feeling so much better now (you know, besides the sciatic and normal pregnancy woes), and I hope Margot gets here really soon!!! Lots of prayers for an uneventful final week!

      1. Thanks, Courtney!

        After reading your first comment, I went to Dr. Google and found that a lot of my symptoms did line up with kidney stones. I’ll have to ask my midwife if she thinks that was the culprit. The symptoms stopped rather suddenly, which was bizarre! I’m just relieved to be dealing with only the necessary pregnancy discomforts at this point.

        And haven’t heard if you’ve had your little one yet– keep me posted!

        1. Nope, baby is still pretty comfy hanging out in my belly. Wish I had some news to share! Hopefully we will both be holding our girls super soon!

  3. I agree with the kidney stone theory. I was hospitalized for that while I was pregnant with you. Keep very hydrated. love ya

  4. Mom (Christie) should be on her way to visit….hopefully Margot will arrive in time to
    meet her Grandma….now that’s a hard one for “Great-Grandma” to imagine !
    Prayers are coming your way ! Love, Oma

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