When Things Go Your Way

Light through the storm clouds

I’m a planner, and when things don’t go as planned, I get frustrated. Maybe some of you can relate. I sincerely try to rise to any challenge with a smile on my face, but when you’re talking about thwarted plans surrounding major life events, there will be frowns.

If you’re caught up on reading around here, you’ll know that lately I’ve had one challenge in particular to be dealt with. The Army had plans to send my husband off on a relatively short mission that happened to overlap with the birth of our first child. I was upset about it, but did the diligent thing and simply made other arrangements. I still prayed with every ounce of my being that his trip would be canceled and he would somehow be here for Margot’s big arrival.

Then I found out my prayers had been answered. My husband’s trip was canceled! He will be here to warmly welcome his daughter into the world.

Things are going my way today, and I sure hope they’re going your way, too.


11 thoughts on “When Things Go Your Way

  1. I am SO HAPPY to hear this! I have been thinking of you often, and have been praying that your husband would somehow be home, that his trip dates would change or that the Army would let him come home early. I am so relieved for you, and so very excited for your husband to be there to welcome your sweet girl into the world!

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