A Nursery for Margot + Thwarted Birth Plans

It feels good to know that Baby Margot’s Nursery is set up and ready to go; from the piles of little onesies to the stacks of tiny diapers, she is stocked. I really had no idea how much stuff went into preparing the home for a baby, but now I’m painfully aware. Babies need almost everything adults do, but miniaturized (why did this surprise me?). This baby now has tiny nail clippers, itty-bitty wash rags, and a small bathtub to call her own; pre-pregnancy me had no idea these even existed–and that’s just considering a few hygiene products. Trust me, it’s a brave new world (for us).

What does not feel good, however, is to know my husband won’t be there for her birth like we had originally planned. The Army has other plans for him from February to April of next year, regardless of my March 8th due date.

To say that I spent a few days moping around my own pity party is an understatement, but perspective is always important, especially considering the sacrifices of the many Army Wives before me. Isaac will only be gone for 6 weeks, a span that pales in comparison to the 9 month deployments many other soldiers are on at any given time. I’m actually very lucky that he’s not being sent to Afghanistan (anytime soon), and that he will be back to see his newborn before she’s even aware of his absence.

I’m also fortunate to have family who is willing to make the trip from Oklahoma to Washington to be with me during Margot’s birth. What a relief that is!

Wish us first-time parents luck, we certainly need it. And Happy Holidays!


7 thoughts on “A Nursery for Margot + Thwarted Birth Plans

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! I can not imagine what that must have been like to hear that he will not be there for her birth. But what a relief to know that he won’t be gone long. I bet that will be quite a reunion when he gets back!

  2. Your blog is awesome! I am actually originally from the Olympia area, but I am currently living down in the dessert with my husband — the Air Force’s idea, not mine =) Love seeing pics from home!

    On a not so happy note, I am really sorry to hear that your husband is going to be away for the birth of your little one =( That is really rough. Mine is scheduled for some training that goes right up until the last weekend of Feb, so I am reaaaaaallllly hoping this little lady stays in until March, or that he can get off of this trip, but like you said — training is way better than deployment.

    Can’t wait for more of your updates and hope you guys are staying warm, I hear it is extra cold up there right now!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I’m subscribed to your blog, too. I’m also excited to hear your updates, especially since we have a lot in common — namely the proximity of our due dates!

  3. I totally know how you feel…my husband is not going to be there for the birth of our first either, due to his basic training schedule. I’m due in July.

    1. OMG, Elizabeth! I had no idea! Did he decide to join the Army, or another branch? Which speciality is he going into? I’m so excited for you guys; please, please, please, email me the details!

      Also, it sucks that our men won’t be there for the birth of our babies, but we’re resilient enough to adapt 😉

      Seriously. Email me!

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