Carpe Diem, Yango

Yango was delighted to receive homemade doggie muffins all the way from Oklahoma today. My mother-in-law made several dozen of these for a “Pupnic” event and we got some of the extras. I’m going to be totally honest here; I really want to eat one. They look so tasty! But I’ll be a grown-up and refrain, at least until my husband gets home. Then we can dare each other to eat one! So silly.

On a serious note, we did receive some bad news from the vet a few weeks ago. My twelve year old beagle has a malignant tumor that affecting his digestive tract. I won’t get into the details, but he’s ultimately only got a few more months to live. He’s still in high spirits and doesn’t seem affected by his ailing health, although I would expect as much from such a happy dog. Yango has been enjoying himself at the dog park lately, and will soon be on a home cooked diet.

Looks like he aims to integrate some Yoga into the week as well. Maybe not. 😉

From here on out we’re working on making sure he’s comfortable and happy until the end. With such a sweet pup, it shouldn’t be too difficult. 

6 thoughts on “Carpe Diem, Yango

  1. Haha, thanks Hollie. Yango has a little bit of an…*ahem*…anal leakage problem that I'm having to take diligent care of. I guess this is good practice for kiddos? It's most certainly love.

  2. What sad news! I'm glad he's still in high spirits though. My parents just had to put our big dog down after he had a stroke. So sad. 😦

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