Welcome to the family, Iggy Smalls!

After we found out about Yango’s ailing health our spirits were pretty low. We knew bringing a dog who needed a forever home would mutually benefit both parties.  So after weeks of searching high and low we found a sweet little Chiweenie mutt to open our home to. Iggy came to us from the Tacoma Humane Society and I must say, they do a wonderful dog of keeping their online profiles of dogs up to date, almost hourly! It was easy to track their adoptable dogs over the last few weeks.

If any of you are like me, pacing the halls of an animal shelter can be very taxing. I wanted to take them all home, and felt terrible guilt about walking away with just Iggy. After we got home, I checked online and found that a few of the other dogs we were looking at found forever homes too. It was a relief, but I’m still a little heart broken for little Lady. She was a little pom-pekingese who had a winning (read: silly) smile and a sweet disposition. She’s unfortunately just about as old as Yango, who I adopted as an elderly dog already. I really hope she finds a forever home quickly. I can at least sleep better at night knowing that the Tacoma Humane Society is a no-kill shelter. Whew!

Although he’s small in stature, he may still have the endurance to go running with us on our shorter circuits. Well we’re off to the dog park to enjoy ‘family’ time. Have a great weekend, folks!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the family, Iggy Smalls!

  1. Have I mentioned that I am so not an animal person? I normally can't even stand to hear people talking about their pets, because it's so foreign to me. (Please don't hate me.) But there is something so sweet about your love for these little guys. It melts my cold heart… and it's almost contagious. (Almost!) :]

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