A Yea Yea Pueblo Facelift

So, I’ve been playing around with different blogger templates lately. I’ve grown tired of the old layout, and without wanting to enter the extremely detailed world of CSS and other intense coding, I decided to give the Dynamic view a try for a few weeks. I’ll re-evaluate whether or not I want to keep it, or revert to another format, or code my own template entirely at that time.

I really like the looks around Danielle’s Blog, but I still really enjoy the clean looks of the old template like at Kendra’s Blog. There are so many possibilities.

What do you think? Is it much more difficult to navigate? What, if anything, do you miss? What don’t you like?

Be honest! If you don’t like the layout, you won’t come back. That’s no fun!

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. In the meantime, I’ll be looking up tutorials to customize the dynamic view (it’s quite rigid with the layout editing).

Thanks, ladies!


8 thoughts on “A Yea Yea Pueblo Facelift

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