Portmanteau of Breakfast and Lunch: Home Edition

I’ve been brunching out a lot lately: it’s a problem. So I bought all the proper ingredients to enjoy a nice brunch at home.
Who else to have over than my best friend Jay? We live right up the street from one another, so close in fact that we should probably rig up a can-string calling system to keep it green. Or just stand outside and shout.
Anyway, this morning we had coffee, then scrambled eggs with spinach, arugula, cherry tomatoes, feta and grilled onions all on top of fiber-iffic English muffins. Delish!  Topped it off with mimosas, and so began the weekend.

 We sat outside after brunch to enjoy the amazing weather. We’re going to top out in the 70s today. All my doors and windows are open, it’s lovely. And it’s always fun to rally around my dogs and the neighbor’s dog Polly to watch them play. And yes, this afternoon you will find me in my moccasins.
Seasonally speaking, in a matter of week all the trees dropped their leaves. They are barren. The atmosphere has certainly changed in my neighborhood. Winter is starting to take over.

The only downside to this brunch-at-home business is the dishes. Can anyone recommend a cleaning lady who will work for free? Besides me. 
Hope your weekend is also off to an awesome start!


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