Love Contagion

I’ve never met a girl who didn’t love receiving flowers. I am certainly no different. These were delivered to my office on Thursday by my super thoughtful boyfriend. I don’t believe I’ve ever received such a detailed, diverse arrangement.
I certainly loved the exotic accessory to my otherwise bland cubicle, but what I enjoyed more was how amorous the air became when people came over to inspect the arrangement. My boss and a co-worker immediately got online and ordered flowers for their spouses. Love and positivity are absolutely contagious.


My boyfriend was proud to hear that his sweet gesture not only brightened up my day, but spread to strangers he’d never met before.
So this weekend I get to walk past these lovely flowers in my kitchen and contemplate the ways I can project more positivity and love into the world. I’ve got a case of the love contagion.
I wish you all the very best this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Love Contagion

  1. un-related to this post — I just noticed, on your profile,that Pedagogy of the Oppressedand Brave New World are two of your fav. books.I'm right there with you. I love Paulo Freire and Huxley just has to be one of the most interesting people to study.

  2. Yess!! Paulo Freire's literature changed my approach to class-dynamics! Brilliant man. And who doesn't love a great dystopian novel once in awhile? Those topics would make a great post. Thanks for the idea Christina!

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