Christmas Wish List: 2011 Edition

This year I’ve compiled a well thought out Christmas list. This list is clearly for myself. So selfish, I know. I’m ultimately going to collect most of these things on my own. These items have few things in common, except that they are all loved and coveted by me.
I know for certain that I’m getting this for Christmas. Emily Post’s Etiquette: Manners for a New World.
The etiquette book I’ve got in my library is Emily Post’s 15th Edition from 1992. It has served me well although I think it is about time to contemporize. Social networking manners will be mine. An early thanks to my awesome boyfriend for this one.
Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots. I will definitely be buying these for myself. And at $140.00, they certainly are an investment. Snow boots! Every well equipped girl needs a pair.

The MSR WhisperLite International Stove. I’ll be picking this up at my local gear shop Backwoods. I’ll wait on purchasing this one until early next year because it will be at least a few months before I can use it.

I adore this Laced Stussy weekender tote. It will be great for my upcoming trips to Seattle and Vermont. More to come on those vacations later.
The real challenge will be in sorting the gifts under the tiny Christmas tree that loves me. No, wait. It’ll actually be throwing down the money for my own expensive tastes. 
But don’t you just love my Charlie Brown tree? I’ve had it for a couple years now.
Nevertheless, I was very good this year. That means even if Santa doesn’t bring me these goodies, I can go ahead and pick them up myself. Right?
Either way, Happy Holidays!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List: 2011 Edition

  1. The tree is pretty precious πŸ™‚ And I've heard great things about those boots too, I hope Santa brings them to you in his bag full of plenty.

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