Santa Fe Love

I can’t articulate it enough. I LOVE SANTA FE, NM.

I know one day I’ll live there, just not for a long time. If you’ve never been to Santa Fe, drop what you’re doing and go.

I personally love the mile high desert city because it’s surrounded by mountains but still feels like you’re at the beach. You can wear chacos to the Opera and Native America is ever present! The architecture is historic and the people are unlike any other citizens I’ve come across, they’re so unconcerned with the stress that life can often bring.

When I live there I promise to enjoy this every day:

Love the central plaza.

Art museums galore!

And 45 minutes from the southern Rockies? Yes, please! Hiking and climbing to no end!

Ahh, thinking of Santa Fe brings a very zen like calmness over me. It motivates me to work hard to achieve my New Mexico dreams.

Santa Fe: I’ll see you seven weeks. Make sure Trader Joe’s is all stocked up on Carrot Muffins.


5 thoughts on “Santa Fe Love

  1. i have yet to explore that part of the continental US! looks like it's time šŸ™‚ PS if you are at trader joes get some spicy thai peanut salad dressing. it makes my heart go 2-46. it's great with a spinach strawberry avocado sunflower seed salad. dooo ittttttt

  2. people keep going on cool vacations and talking about trader joe's. i'm jealous. looks like a lot of fun and really pretty. i would have never thought to visit, but now it's on the list!

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