Recent Literature

Hey Everyone,

I’ve passed so much time with my kindle since Christmas I thought I’d share a few of the page turners I’ve read.

Currently reading:

I was intrigued an episode of This American Life and the story of Tony in Broadmoore, a hospital for the criminally insane in the UK. He feigned madness to get in a “cushy” hospital in an attempt to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Now he can’t convince anyone he is sane. I love psychology!
Recently finished Room which is a NY Times Best Seller. I now know why. Must read!
More Psychology: Portia’s memoir outlines her struggle with an both her sexuality and eating disorder. A little vain, but still very interesting.
BOSSYPANTS! I could NOT put this book down. It was like crack. Let’s make the funniest woman in the world rich, buy her book!

Face blindness? That’s a real thing! I heard about this book on NPR (where I get most of my literary reviews) and had to read it. It was very interesting to hear about a very rare facial recognition disorder.
Well, if you like all things psychological and funny this is the list for you.
Happy Reads!

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