Jewelry: The Final Frontier


Remember when I mentioned that I was starting a new craft endeavor? With the help of a tutorial by Sarah Ortega, practice finally made perfect with these necklaces:

Birds nest, made possible by my super handy, soon to be forever boyfriend, Todd.

To me, this one has a Manifest Destiny sentiment. I’m a total sucker for charms.

Another nest with more textured beads for the eggs. Omelettes anyone?

Also, I’m pleased to announce that my six year search for the perfect record player stand has come to an end. Thank you Roxy’s Funky Art Boutique! Hagglers welcome!

I may need to downsize my record collection, eek! Anyways, I’ll be making some handmade earrings later, I’ll be sure to post if those turn out as well as the necklaces did.

Happy Saturday!!


7 thoughts on “Jewelry: The Final Frontier

  1. Thanks ladies!I think I've heard it enough from my own friends–I'll be opening an etsy shop in the very near future! I'll keep y'all posted!

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