Quarter Century Birthday


Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Birthday, Todd got me the lovely flowers since I had to work on my Birthday (which, don’t we all?). I took today off to take it easy and prepare for my shopping trip to Dallas.

Our home is feeling a little uncomfortable, so Todd and I are investing in a new bed. A BIGGER bed! And the point of Dallas is to hit up the closest Ikea store for linens and a few other much needed items for the home. Trust me, I’m on a budget so I definitely won’t be adding a ton of items to our tiny house.

I know the goal is to be minimalist, but (queue the rationalization) we have two bedrooms and we thought adding a new bed to the home would mean we could have a functional guest bedroom for friends and relatives, rather than having a “gear room” where we toss all our climbing, camping and backpacking gear. Friends who stay over tend to share the couch with the dogs, not fun. Nevertheless, that’s the main Birthday event.

This Birthday is rather ordinary, however twenty five was a milestone for me. Here is what I sought to and ultimately accomplished before this day:

1. Traveled abroad
2. Graduated University
3. Got a job
4. Started investing in my 401K
5. Adopted a dog

My next milestone is 30, and by then I hope to achieve the following:

1. Learn a third language–any ideas?
2. Travel to another foreign country (we’re planning to go to South Korea next year)
3. Get married
4. To have donated, over time, roughly $5,000 to conservation efforts
5. Maintain my minimalist lifestyle

Let’s see what I can get done in the rest of my twenties!


2 thoughts on “Quarter Century Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you! That is a great list- at some point I would like to learn French (Canada is bi-lingual, would like to spend some of those hours spent 1/2 studying French in school to some use).Enjoy your new bed!

  2. Thanks Shauna! I'm thinking maybe Brazilian Portuguese since it's not too far a stretch from Spanish. I'm asking for Rosetta Stone for Christmas, so I have time to decide. Share your stories if you ever head to Montreal!

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