New Year Declarations

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now, I’ve never been one to throw myself into New Years Resolutions, I find that often the goals are ridiculous and usually short lived. So instead, I proffer New Years Declarations, to which each and every one of us may comply!

In 2011 I do declare to:

1. Spend money on events and experiences rather than stuff. This plays directly into our minimalist objective and provides an opportunity to culture ourselves. This year I’m taking a ceramics class at my local art house and investing in season Ballet tickets. Mind you, I still can only afford to sit in the Mezzanine, but I do so love the Ballet. That means this year instead of asking for stuff for our Birthday and Christmas, we’ll be asking for event tickets and massage certificates. Disclaimer: I do reserve the right to buy an evening gown for the Ballet season. Comin’ at you JCrew!

2. Say no to the gym. This sounds completely insane, but hear me out. Say no to equipment. Say no to electricity to condition your body. Say no to inorganic methods of exercise. Why should loving your body involve a carbon footprint?? I canceled my membership last year, and I dedicate 2011 to hitting the pavement the old fashion way. Run it out. Circuit train in your back yard. Join a recreational team. Ride your bike!

The company I work for is paying for us to have an indoor soccer team this season, which starts next Saturday. Perfect example of exercising without televisions and treadmills. Todd and I are also going to run the Triple Crown race series again this year. Hopefully, we’ll be in shape to run the 10Ks rather than the 5Ks. For the series I got fourth in my age group last year, let’s aim higher!

3. Save money. I turn 25 this year, and the company I work for offers a 6% match on my 401K. Time to stop dragging my heels and start saving for retirement. Todd and I also resolve to save money for an international escapade in 2012. If we start saving now, by next summer, we will have enough money to trot around Moscow, or Mumbai! OK, so maybe more like Montreal, Vancouver, or Mexico City…but we’re dreaming big!

4. Walk the dogs more. This is obvious. Our dogs are our best friends, why not treat them to regular outings? My 10 year old beagle has hip dysplasia and could definitely benefit from more frequent walks. At the rate he’s going, he’ll need a doggie wheel chair in a year. I will not sit idle and let that happen! Only the best for my Yango!

5. Love. In the past I’ve been one to write people off for small things, or just not invest enough time in relationships with people. Not this year. In 2011, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt from Crystle J. Sanchez. I promise to be more tolerant, more patient and especially more loving. Get ready guys, I’m the hug police, and YOU’RE BUSTED!

May 2011 bring you all the peace and happiness you deserve! Here is looking out to the future!


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