Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver, BC | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, BC | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea Pueblo

Family Photo - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea Pueblo

The sights and sounds of Vancouver, B.C. offered a truly international experience on our Canadian Sojourn this past weekend. We took to the city by foot and spent our time hiking along water fronts, through coniferous parks, and around urban plazas. Foreign language conversations echoed off of tall buildings and blended cacophonously with the sounds of car horns and seagull caws. Peruvian Chaufa, fresh Seafood and strange new vegetables nourished our bodies. We tried fiddleheads for the first time (delicious!).

On our final night in Vancouver, we stopped into a Cathedral to listen to a performance of Gregorian Chants. The Cathedral was dimly lit and a curtain of incense smoke hung densely in the air. One monophonic chorus after another rang high into the rafters of the vaulted ceiling of the ornate Cathedral; melodious reminders that life is grand.

Family Photo - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloStanley Park - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea Pueblo

While the women in the chorus sang, I was overwhelmed by gratitude for the beautiful family I have and the amazing adventures we find ourselves in.

Family Photo - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloFamily Photo - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea Pueblo

On the way home from our Canadian Sojourn, my post-vacation rumination on this sentiment was interrupted by news of a natural disaster in the community in Oklahoma we called home for many years.

I was saddened to hear the news, but tonight as I watch the story progress I’m selfishly feeling grateful that my family is healthy, safe, and in tact. The time we spent in Vancouver this weekend furthered our bond with one another, and made it difficult to stomach the news of a climbing death toll in Oklahoma.

Stanley Park - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea Pueblo

It’s hard to believe such tragedy is ongoing while we’re safe and sound in our calm, manicured suburb following a fun-filled yet restorative vacation.

The eyes of the world are on Moore, OK as things wind down around here. We hope friends and family back home are safe and that healing begins soon for the city of Moore.

And to Vancouver, B.C., we will to see you again after our Great Alaska adventure.

Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloStanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloChaufa - Vancouver, B.C. | Yea Yea PuebloVancouver, B.C. By Night | Yea Yea Pueblo


9 thoughts on “Vancouver, B.C.

  1. As you probably know, the outpouring of love and support is as intense as one’s feelings of helplessness at times. I hope your family and friends are safe, but man…this weekend was a wild, wild ride for us. I truly believe good vibes travel and yours have helped to save over a hundred lives last night. Now go off and kiss your daughter ten more times! I have.

    1. Glad to hear you’re ok, Dena! Hopefully you guys didn’t have any property damage. We’re following the story closely, so far there are many accounts of heroism and survival. It warms my heart.

      1. Thank you, but we were a good 15 miles northwest of the storm. My new community has really impressed me with how quickly everyone came together.

  2. What a lovely “Travelogue” ! Makes me want to go there, but not sure about “fiddleheads”?? Baby Margot is adorable, some day you’ll have to say to her,

    “Yes, you HAVE been to Vancouver” ! I love her little wardrobe, what fun to shop for her…..also, it’s a great picture of both of her parents !


  3. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Washington for 23 years and never went to Vancouver, only drove through it. I’m regretting that now! Have you had a chance to visit Vancouver Island and see Victoria yet? It is simply gorgeous! The Butchart Gardens, the food, and the beaches are all amazing. You certainly have made me homesick!

    1. I’ve missed out on Vancouver Island and Victoria. Looks like I’ll miss it entirely during this stay at this duty station. Maybe after Alaska, we’ll be stationed in WA again, then we can visit all the places we didn’t have time to see this time around!

  4. Seems like you had a good trip to Vancouver 🙂 Glad you did, it’s great city. I also really like your city of Tacoma. My family and I almost moved there before we decided to move to Calgary. We really like that North end around the high school there. Maybe one day yet 🙂

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