The Baby Wait

I give up, you guys. I tried not to post about this pregnancy, but I just can’t help myself. I’m sorry. I also cannot guarantee an absence of baby photos when she arrives, either. Consider this fair warning.

I theorize there’s some sort of biological need for mothers to share their maternity experiences as though they were unique occurrences in human history. Add me to the arsenal of such mothers.

Anyway, she’ll be here in just seven weeks, if not sooner. I can’t wait; mainly because I miss sleeping on my belly, running, picking things up off the floor, and the occasional glass of Merlot. I don’t even remember what those activities are like anymore. Will I suffocate if I sleep on my belly? Will I be able to run comfortably while breastfeeding? Is that allowed? Where did my feet go? Do you put ice in wine? Will I even like it anymore? See?I have so many burning questions!

Maternity Photos

I guess until she gets here, I’ll just keep pondering life’s deep questions. Like, should I make cupcakes for lunch?


19 thoughts on “The Baby Wait

  1. You’re friggen hilarious! U know that, right? I say, embrace it all! But that’s coming from someone who can still see her feet and pick stuff up off the floor ; )

  2. Crystle, I love your sense of humor ! When I was in that stage of “expecting” I didn’t have a clue what was happening inside of me….some day I’ll tell you all that, and wonder how we had 5 beautiful, healthy babies. You know that we didn’t even know we were having twins until a few weeks before. Carol arrived first, then Christie followed…..we were very blessed…..

    Your pics and stories are great, your Margot will be a treasure !


  3. I don’t mind you sharing at all! It’s such a huge part of your life (hehe). You look amazing by the way! And you got me wondering, can you sleep on your side?

    1. Yeah, sleeping on your side is pretty much the only way you can sleep during late pregnancy! I’ve needed a body pillow to make it more comfortable since month 5.

  4. Having a baby is so universal, yet uniquely personal all at the same time- (I ate ice cream every single night while pregnant with Isaac and never regretted it!)

  5. i would LOVE to hear more about your pregnancy! it’s a huge thing to go through even though it’s common, so it’s perfectly normal to want to connect with others with the same experience! and trust me, your life/body will return back to normal and you can run again, i was back to running about 2 months after! i didn’t deal with breastfeeding and running but i imagine it would be fine!

    1. Glad to hear that things ought to go back to normal relatively soon after birth! My hips already feel like they’ve broken to bits, which means any thoughts of running make me shudder. Ouch!

  6. You look very beautiful, even in horizontal stripes ! Now that takes a lot of nerve !
    Christie should be arriving just in time, hopefully….now if Margot will just cooperate !

    You write so well, maybe you should put down all your thoughts and feelings, then
    make it into a tiny book for Margot…..or maybe not !


    1. I’m weighing my options when it comes to creative projects for Margot. I haven’t decided what to do for her yet, but I’m leaning towards writing her a children’s book. I’m a bit intimidated by doing my own illustrations though…so no promises!

  7. i was hoping you’d post an update…i’d love to hear more about your pregnancy, too! it really is such a strange phenomenon – every mom goes through it but i think in some way we all feel like we’re the first ones going through all these different emotions and experiences. glad to hear i’m not the only one who has forgot what it feels like to run!

    you look fabulous, by the way! despite all those burning questions, i hope you’re feeling well and i look forward to hearing more about margot’s pending arrival and of course, when she makes her way into the world! and a big fat yes to cupcakes for lunch…i’ll be over soon. : )

    1. Thanks, Ashley! You’re not too far behind me in the pregnancy game, I hope all is going well for you, too. I bet you’re totally excited to find out the gender on delivery day! I look forward to your updates as well πŸ™‚

  8. Although I’m guilty of not leaving comments here, I do read your blog and yes, yes, yes please keep us posted on your bump adventures and beyond. You are the cutest mama.
    I can tell you this…suffocating while sleeping on your belly only applies if you are actually getting sleep, running still sucks for me, and I still haven’t had any alcohol. All of this is totally worth it though. =)
    So excited for you! Can I say that enough?

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