Zoo Babies and Other Babies

We decided that it was finally time to hit up the local Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium this weekend. I usually love these things, but I’ve been so fatigued lately that I was pretty much useless. Most of the little energy I had was focused on the prevention of hitting small children in the head with my purse, or giving any strangers accidental ‘flat-tires’ during my zombie-like stroll. Yet, somehow I was also able to snap a few photos of the most animated animals at the Zoo.

We were drawn to the zoo with the promise of Zoo Babies. Right now there are a few Red Wolf Pups at the zoo, they were romping further away in the exhibit. Cute overload. And has anyone else noticed that Wolves don’t look dangerous at all? Their adorable appearance is all too deceptive!

It took a lot of restraint to not push this monkey out of the hammock so I could steal a snooze, trust me.

Watching the Walruses swim back and forth in their pool also instilled a sense of envy. I could make a happy life for myself as a big fat walrus. Really, I could! Eat, swim, be merry.

The single-most adorable thing we saw all day was the most playful Puffin in the world. A little boy had a stuffed dog up to the glass driving the Puffin into a frenzy. The bird put up an adorable fight to win the prize through the glass, without success. 

A pretzel with cheese and an Ice Cream cone later, I was completely exhausted. Creating a human being is exhausting work, even when you do get 10-12 hours of sleep a day.

Did I mention I had that little side project going? Yep, I’m pregnant. Close friends, family and some of my twitter/blogging buddies know about the pregnancy already, and many thanks to them for the tips on eliminating the nausea! 

The first trimester will be over soon, but not soon enough. Until then, please don’t call me before 10 am, and please avoid eating any Indian food around me. Your shoes look so much nicer without vomit all over them. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Zoo Babies and Other Babies

  1. “We” crashed for a two hour nap? So besides sympathy non-drinking, Isaac is also sympathy napping? Before you know it your energy will rebound- your body knows what you need…

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