PNW Playlist Spring 2012

Prior to and after the road trip out here to the Pacific Northwest, I purchased several albums to start the new PNW era.

If you are anything like me then you store your memories along with scents, sounds and tastes.
Each new phase in my life brings forth a new catalog of music, food, fashion and literature. This new period in my life in Washington is no different. I’ve listed a few albums that I’ve been listening to lately to share with you, in case you hadn’t had the chance to check these artists/albums out.

1. Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

One word to describe this album: catchy.

These guys captured a synth heavy afro-pop feel on this album. It’s my current go-to record for all present progressive verbs (i.e. cooking, cleaning, living room dancing).

2. Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials 

I know this album dropped late last year, but that hasn’t stopped me from including it in the Springtime library. This album is empowering. The powerful vocals help me dig deep on particularly difficult runs and the track ‘Shake it Out’ has been the perfect backdrop for Tacoma exploration. I’m a fan. 
This is my most recent purchase. My rainy days are filled with multitasking around the house so I love listening to this album while running up and down the stairs herding laundry, books and my dog to their respective places. It’s also fairly mellow at times too, which makes cozying up to my laptop equally pleasant. 
Ladies, we finally have ourselves a Joni Mitchell / Carole King style duet. These girls come to us from Sweden but have a distinctly Pacific Northwestern sound. Think girl-folk Fleet Foxes tracks. I listened to this album a lot before moving and on the way out. 
This album is a beautiful blend of Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom stylings. Hello bilingual folk album of my dreams! I believe Joanna Newsom (a Tacoma, WA native, woohoo!) also collaborated on the title track of this album. 
I’ve included reviews of these albums. I really pay no mind to the ‘ratings’ they receive by music critics. Music is not just something you listen to and critically analyze. It’s an accessory to life, a soundtrack to pace your experiences. Music is the score of our sentience, and the score is exactly what we make of it. 
Enjoy the tunes, and Happy Spring!


5 thoughts on “PNW Playlist Spring 2012

  1. cool. thanks for the new tunes! and i'm just like you. associating sounds/scents and sights to certain times in my life. in fact, i have a "memory" playlist on my ipod. i have a distinct memory attached to each song. it's amazing.

  2. Ah, sweet sweet tunes indeed. I'm a massive fan of Gyote's newest single in the US, but was hesitant to buy the album. After your recommendation, I think I'll have to make the purchase. Our apartment cleaning is always in need of related beats. (and First and Kit is one of my favorites, those girls are ah-mazing)

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