Kitchen Fail

I recently got to work on a care package for an Army friend of mine who is training outside of Seattle, WA. I got him a box full of man goodies and gathered ingredients to bake his favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. But I think my pastry assistant and I were a bit too distracted by a little Australian Yellow Tail…

So my cookies were a disaster. A delicious, crumbly disaster. I ended up with oats in my hair, butter on the window sill (your guess is as good as mine!) and flour all over the floor.

This is not to say that my friends and I did not enjoy eating the cookie pile, there was just a lot of pinching involved.

Next time I will do the following:

1. Use scissors to open packaging

2. Use less butter

3. Use whatever Vanilla I was supposed to use


5. Repeat.

Wish me luck, ladies!


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