Fairbanks in Summer

2015-07-22_0037 2015-07-22_0038

Raspberry picking, fireweed harvesting, Fourth of July hiking & location scouting. This summer is rounding out quite well, but I have a feeling it’s going to run short this year.

All the more reason to take advantage while it’s here.

2015-07-22_00392015-07-22_0044   2015-07-22_00462015-07-22_00402015-07-22_00412015-07-22_00452015-07-22_0042 2015-07-22_0047 2015-07-22_0048 2015-07-22_0049 2015-07-22_0050  2015-07-22_0052 2015-07-22_0053  2015-07-22_0055


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