Our Winter Baby

What did we do to deserve such a beautifully charming little girl?

Santa Claus House - North Pole, AKWinter Baby - Santa Claus House - North Pole, AK

Margot has been in the throes of ‘stranger-danger’ during the last few weeks. She cries when I hand her off to someone other than her da-da, and whines when I walk out of the room. I find it endearing, but to those I’m handing her off to, it is probably a little taxing.

Case in point: Santa Claus.

Crying Baby + SantaSock Monkey Ornaments - Santa Claus House, North Pole, AKCrying Baby + Santa

It’s Margot’s first Christmas, and as new parents we were excited to photograph her visiting Saint Nick at the Santa Claus House in North Pole, AK this weekend. What a grand opportunity, to meet Santa Claus in his own house! — Margot will be so psyched, we foolishly thought.

In our excitement, we downplayed her weariness of strangers thinking, if she trusted any new person, it would certainly be Santa. I still don’t see the breakdown in logic. It took all of two seconds for her to launch into meltdown mode while the most professional Santa of all time attempted to mitigate the madness. The charm of the Holiday icon was lost on her completely while youths snickered and sympathetic mothers tsk-awwed at our awkward situation. “This happens all the time” an elf reassured us. We probably would have left her there a little longer, but she wailed with such fervor that she couldn’t catch her breath. It was hilariously heartbreaking — mainly for us. Consoling a crying baby while you’re also laughing at her is quite the quandary.

In my opinion, all good parents will thrust their child (willing, or reluctant) into the arms of Santa Claus for the sake of the family photo album. Psychological damage be damned. Santa Claus House - North Pole, AK

As most babies do, Margot recovered quickly. After a consolation cuddle and swipe of two tears, we were back in business.

Santa’s Reindeer grazed in a pen nearby. Isaac held Margot up high to get a better look. She watched the Reindeer gnaw on branches, then craned her neck to look at the spindly trees above. As she did, I could see the baby wheels turning in her head.

She’s an observant child, constantly taking in the world around her.

Santa's Reindeer - Santa Claus House - North Pole, AKNorth Pole, AKOld Yango

After the excitement, and hilarity, of the Santa Visit was over we settled in at home. Temperatures rose to an enjoyable 30 degrees this weekend, allowing 6 more inches of snow to fall. It was a great time to bundle Margot in her bunting and sit her in the snow. I don’t know what we were expecting, but we certainly expected her to do more than sit there like a lawn gnome. Her lack of experience and dexterity may have prevented her from building a snowman, in my professional opinion.

Fairbanks Roads Margot in Winter

We’re having fun with Margot this winter, but we are certainly looking forward to her toddler years when we can sled with her and visit Santa peacefully.


8 thoughts on “Our Winter Baby

  1. I’m having a hard time getting anything done today- I keep returning to these pictures! What is it called when you want to laugh and cry at the same time? I think it’s just called “life”- Thanks for sharing your adventure to the North Pole- I’m also pretty sure that Santa Claus is the real deal.

    1. That Santa was the most legit I’ve seen yet. Thanks for sharing this post with your friends, I loved their comments on Facebook!

  2. My grandparents drove from South Florida to North Pole, AK one year and while they were there asked Santa to send me a postcard! I held onto the sucker for years. When my older brother tried to convince me Santa wasn’t real, I’d thrust that postcard in his face and scream, “Yes he is! He sends me mail!!!” My brother never got a postcard. Pttth…

    1. I’m sure your brother thought he was on the naughty list! What a fun gift, we’ll be sure to have a letter made up for our little one while we’re here.

  3. How adorable ! But that “crying” face is pitiful ! Your card arrived today…..we LOVE it ! Her little jacket looks like she’s in Austria or Germany….soooo precious !

    Love you all, Oma

    1. That’s so observant, Oma! Her sweater is from Europe, it was a hand-me-down from a military family in Washington. It’s one of my favorite baby items.

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