Autumn Again



The sun has become lethargic here in the North. Every day the sun rises five minutes later than it did the day before. It hangs low in the sky then disappears behind the opposite horizon earlier and earlier each night. The days tick by pendulously at this latitude.

The sky is not the only place I’m seeing the time pass in a new way. I’m beginning to notice pensive wrinkles on my face. Fine crows feet, the same ones my favorite uncles have, are more and more evident on my still young face, despite my best preventative efforts. Smile lines are starting to carve deeper into my cheeks. I don’t mind these premature wrinkles, they’re a collection of scars from sunny days and happy times.


Most of these aging feelings have been stirred up because I’ve been notified of my upcoming ten year high school reunion. Boy, does that make me feel old. When I talked to my dad about it, he told me his 40 year reunion recently passed. That conversation put things into perspective, but it seems like only yesterday I was failing the written test to get my license. No wait, that was last Friday. I failed the written exam when I tried to get my license changed over to an Alaska license. I finally passed and switched it over, by the way. But, I digress. 

Seasons come and seasons go. They are faithfully greeted by the varying contexts and details of our lives each year. It’s autumn again for Isaac and I, but this time we’re pleased to share it with Margot.






8 thoughts on “Autumn Again

  1. In the first picture Margot looks like she is conducting an orchestra!! The sounds of life; percussion, cymbals and gongs, melodic flute and the stringed instruments of living all combined into a harmony that tugs at your heart and will bring you to tears at the simple beauty of each day. These are some of the best times of your life! And Crystle, every wrinkle adds a new dimension to an already beautiful face.

  2. This is so beautiful…I love your description of your laugh lines…such a lovely way to think about it. : )

    I hope you are enjoying life up north. As much as I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska, the short days would be hard to adjust too. I know you will find the beauty in it though, and I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    P.S. Margot is TOO CUTE! : )

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful images. You allllllmost make me miss cold weather. Almost. Margot is such a doll! I really enjoy seeing her grow as Avery is growing. I wish they would slow down a bit, though!

    1. Seriously! I see other babies their age that are already standing on their own. Margot isn’t there yet, but it’s mind-blowing that it’s coming soon.

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