Into the Home Stretch

Baby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea PuebloBaby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea Pueblo

Well Friends, it’s been one whole year of me going on and on about our upcoming PSC (Permanent Change of Station) to Alaska. In a week the movers will be here to neatly pack our lives into boxes and transport them to the interior of Alaska.

The Military lifestyle is still a foreign concept to me, probably because my upbringing was one of such permanence. If you bumped into the couch, you’d uncover depressions in the carpet where the legs had long settled. Dated shag carpet, wicker wall hangings, and oatmeal colored curtains decorated our home until I was well into Jr. High.

I left that childhood home when I was sixteen. I packed my bags for Oklahoma and never looked back. That was the first in a series of big changes in my life.

The next place I called home was Norman, OK where I was a college student turned townie. I almost made it an entire decade there, but a PCS to Washington changed that.  Now, not even two years later, we’re off to yet another location. A friend recently suggested that change is the only constant for me these days. So true.

Baby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea Pueblo Baby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea Pueblo

In just over a week, we’ll have our Subaru all packed up, with a roof box on top, travel trailer in tow and a big fat beagle in the cargo area. Yours truly will ride in back with the baby (I’m too tall to fit in the front seat with the carseat behind it), and the snacks. We’ll wave good bye to our first family home, and say hello to a much larger town home on Fort Wainwright.

So here we go again, off to make new friends and to explore another region of the US, this time with our ever-changing baby girl Margot.

Baby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea Pueblo

20130831-IMG_8606Baby Girl + Dad Lifestyle Photography via Yea Yea Pueblo


Your prayers for our safe travels (and the survival of my houseplants) are greatly appreciated!


12 thoughts on “Into the Home Stretch

  1. What a baby doll !! Think we’ll try calling you one day this week to wish you well. What an adventure you’ll be having ! Remember
    that Poppa & I spent our first 2 years far away in Germany (had Sammy there). And we’re all still together and surviving…..

  2. Margot is a doll. We wish you and your handsome husband all the luck in the world on your new adventure. Hope to meet you one day and Margot, too!

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