A Giveaway: Pretty Little Necklaces by Red Rabbit Ears

Hey Folks!

Since I found Jess’ blog over at Red Rabbit Ears earlier this summer, I haven’t missed a post. Her dogs, wedding plans and images of life in South Africa have me intrigued.  She’s wildly creative, too. My husband has busted me on more than one occasion drooling over some of the nature-inspired and domestic-themed necklaces  (both are right up my alley!) in her catalog. Needless to say, when I received an email from her offering up a necklace of my choice and two for some of my loyal readers, I was ecstatic!

I picked out ‘The Bear Hug’ for myself, and ‘Oh Deer’, and ‘Yee-Haa’ for you guys.

The mailman knocked on my door a few hours ago to hand-deliver a well-traveled piece of international mail. The parcel was wrapped so beautifully I could hardly bring myself to open it beyond the burgundy ribbon. Excitement prevailed and I now have a lovely bear hug around my neck, as well as two lovely necklaces waiting to be given to you!
So, to pay this gracious gift forward, I’m opening up a giveaway.
For a chance to win one of these Hand Crafted Pretty Little Things, leave a comment for one or both of the following: 
1. Tell me which piece in Jessica’s catalog (or from above) is your favorite! 
2. ‘Like’ Red Rabbit Ears on Facebook, or  follow @RedRabbitEars on Twitter and leave me a comment telling me that you are now a fan or follower. 

It’s as easy as that. Just be sure to get your comments in before July 31st at 11:59PM PDT. That’s when the giveaway ends and commenting closes. Multiple entries are fine by me, as two winners will be selected by random on August 1st and announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck, friends!


9 thoughts on “A Giveaway: Pretty Little Necklaces by Red Rabbit Ears

  1. Is it too trendy to say I like Mustache the best? Love me a fake mustache! Followed by Oh Deer in a close second. Such good names too!

  2. So I don’t think my first message worked but I apologize for the double if it did!
    Is it too trendy to like Mustache the best? Love me a fake mustache? Followed in a close second by Oh Deer! Such cute names!

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