Welcome to Yea Yea Pueblo on Word Press!

Grove of the Patriarchs

Grove of the Patriarchs

Hello, and welcome!
I hope that you were able to get here with ease. I’ve been contemplating leaving Blogger for quite some time, mainly because I’ve had a plethora of problems with photo formatting. My hope is that Word Press will make it easier to share my photos and stories with you all. Eventually, I’ll be able to draft my own customizations and formatting to my own liking. For now, I’m OK with the generic themes that Word Press provides (which are already much more contemporary than that of Blogger!).

Anyways, welcome, and please provide any feedback you may have. And do share your blog links so I can create a link page!

Thanks, friends!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Yea Yea Pueblo on Word Press!

  1. Took me a second to figure out how to comment, but I got it! Hope you like WordPress…I’ve never tried it before, but so far it looks great!

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