Happy Birthday Honey, I Quit My Job!

Today is Isaac’s 26th Birthday. It also happens to be the day I gathered enough gumption to turn in my official resignation letter at work. He was elated to hear the words “Happy Birthday, Honey. I quit my job!” as we’ve been planning my move to Washington for a month now. All the details had been hashed out, except my resignation.

I was planning on postponing the “I quit” day for a few more weeks, but I read this Thought Catalog article this morning and the courage I was lacking came to me thanks to the simple “You’ve got this,” from author Ciara Flynn. 

It’s uncanny how in-tune Thought Catalog seems to be with my current life events. It’s probably just because we’re all twenty-somethings going through the same phases, but the timing is absolutely striking. 

I’ve got two more months of residency in Oklahoma, a state I’ve called my home for nine years. Then it will be time to make my triumphant return to the PST.

Trail running, crafting, cooking and general house wifery will soon be the defining activities of my day. Family life is going to be a welcome change.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Honey, I Quit My Job!

  1. YES!!! congratulations on quitting, crystle! i can't even imagine how happy your husband will be to have you in washington. family life sounds like a dream. i can't wait til my days are consumed with it as well.thought catalog is amazing.

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