Muchísimas Gracias!: Wedding Gifts Galore

Isaac and I are getting pretty good at doing things out of order. We got married on December 23rd, we had our honeymoon prior to that, and this weekend we finally had our wedding party. We definitely march to the beat of our own drum.

My mother-in-law threw us an amazing bash at her house where friends and family brought forth gifts from our registry at Williams-Sonoma. I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity!

 I’ve got my thank you cards completed, they just need to be addressed and mailed. After a Saturday of unpacking the amazing new kitchen ware, a mere “thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient. Can I just stand on a mountain top and shout it to the world? Yes, that. Por favor. 

 My mother-in-law not only threw us a memorable party, she also contributed to my baking dreams with this new kitchen-aid mixer. She’d be proud to hear I’ve already used it to make cookies for my husband; oatmeal chocolate chip, his favorite! And the matte finish in imperial grey is stunning. I can’t take my eyes off it.

We had a grand time clearing out old chipped plates and mix-matched cups. Our kitchen just got a first class make over! We’re so grateful to all our friends and family who shared in our joy. Many thanks to them.

Now off to bake some bread!


4 thoughts on “Muchísimas Gracias!: Wedding Gifts Galore

  1. looks like you guys really scored some awesome wedding loot! I wish I had registered for one of those mixers. They are so darn expensive but nothing works like a kitchenaid.

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