Seattle Sojourn

This weekend I took a trip to visit my boyfriend in Seattle. I’ve been to there once before, but neglected to hit the tourist spots. That has since been resolved.
Over the course of the weekend, we went trail running, museum exploring, bar hopping, and site seeing. It was the most seamless, well rounded vacation I’ve (maybe ever?) had.
 A few things struck me as interesting; the shoreline in Seattle can be very confusing to a California girl. I had to keep asking why there is land on the other side of the water, is it trying to be like San Francisco? A tour of the harbor clarified all the land masses and explained the jumbo sized commerce ships docked there.
 Frank Gehry is one of my all time favorite architects. This was my only first hand experience with one of his buildings. I was mesmorized!
  The Holiday season in any downtown area is quite the site for sore eyes. Seattle was obviously no different.
 Point Defiance Park is where we went trail running, we took to some sandy and rocky terrain on our 5k loop. It was grueling (for me) but rewarding (for both). Did I mention it was cold? Very cold.
Guess I have to learn to be just Army Strong enough to keep up with this guy!
 I am a sucker for any and all aquariums. And in case you didn’t know, the life of the party at the aquarium is the sea otter. They won’t sit still for a photo.
How we ended up at some lady Madeline’s Karaoke birthday party at Hulu Hulu is beyond me. It was however, endlessly entertaining!
  Yes, that is me in the bottom square. I took to screaming in the designated scream booth at the EMP museum exhibit Can’t Look Away, about the lure of horror films. It was amazing! I was markedly bashful after seeing my silly photo up for all to see.
To avoid some confusion, do not try to plot the original Starbucks on your map. We had a laugh over this one. And still did not see the original Starbucks. My guess is that it’s exactly like all the other Starbucks in the country.
For those of you who have been to Seattle, I hope I didn’t miss any must-sees!* For those of you who haven’t been, you must go. The friendly Washingtonians only complement the immaculate skyline and seaside scenery.

*Go Oklahoma City Thunder!


10 thoughts on “Seattle Sojourn

  1. Ah, Seattle. It's one of my favorite places in the states. At least, that I've discovered so far. I absolutely loved it and I'm so glad you enjoyed it too! Isn't it fabulous? And don't you want to live there regardless that it rains all the time? Yeah, me too.

  2. I went to Seattle the first and only time so far last year- it's fun! So different from the midwest. We did a good mix of touristy and localy things (I was visiting a friend who lives there). I hope you saw the troll under the bridge!

  3. Fun! I was in Seattle for like 2 days a few years ago. I must say.. I am surprised you couldn't find the original Starbucks.. it is right opposite the Pike Place (?) markets.. however my hostel was also right near there so it was hard not to find. I haven't been to many Starbucks in general but I think this one look very ermm.. original and less commercialised than the other bigger ones I have been too. In fact.. I don't even think they have that green lady for a logo! I spent most of my time pretending I was in Greys Anatomy (I don't even watch that show!) Ha, lame. Glad you had fun! xo

  4. Kendra, we all love Seattle! What a glorious city.Jane, thanks for the comment. Nice to see a new face around here :)It rained there almost the entire time, Amber. It was COLD drizzle, but fun nevertheless.Amished you too Brissa, I'm baaack!Sharni, we went to that Starbucks but it wasn't the correct one apparently. I just really needed a latte, so I settled for that location. Very busy shop though!You must visit Seattle, Lauren! It's unlike any other city I've been to. Pacific coast metro where everyone is nice?? Unreal!

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