Oklahoma Saturdays

Happy Saturday Folks!

Today my friend Jordan and I went out and did what we do best. We found cool stuff to do. This weekend was the Dustbowl Arts Market so we stopped off there first. It was hot, but seeing everyone’s hand made goodies was worth it. I can’t believe how creative some people are!

This was one of my favorite booths. The lady running it, presumably Dana Joy Scott said she’d post all her unsold items on etsy. I will definitely be picking up one of her pieces soon.

I love the complimentary pistachio bags with her business info. What a brilliant idea! And so cute.

Then we stopped by the 4-H Horse Show at the local fair grounds. We saw it in the newspaper and decided to take a look around. I used to show horses (Western, not English) so I felt a bit of nostalgia while watching the kiddos nervously enter the arena.

I remember how much work it took to prep the horses for show day. The night prior, all horses are washed and blanketed to keep them clean. You must also wrap any white socks the horses may have near their hooves to keep the white looking brilliant. I respect these kids, because horses are a major responsibility.

We also stopped by the adjacent farmers market. How fortuitous! Remember my tree succulent? I had no idea what it was called. Now I know it’s called the Mother of Thousands. The grower told me all about them as I purchased another one. He showed me his book to care for them and showed me some of his other succulents. Many of his plants shed plantlets, and the Mother of Thousands that I got today has the planlets of other species growing in it’s pot. Bonus!

He has an amazing collection, I couldn’t stop drooling. I’ll have to re-visit him and get a few more before winter.

The best peaches in the world, ladies and gentlemen, are currently at the Norman, OK farmers market. I can’t articulate how delicious they were. I’m going back next weekend for a full basket!

We also made stops to a few shops down town. I fortunately came home only $8 poorer. And for all the things we saw, and for all the people we talked to, I feel quite satisfied. Thanks, Norman. You’ve done it again!


6 thoughts on “Oklahoma Saturdays

  1. It was in Norman, OK. We have a lot of events with "Dustbowl" themes. It was a pretty historic event back in the 30s. It's cute, really. Love the local stuff!

  2. that sounds like the most perfect weekend! p.s. i totally agree about the trinity of girl awesomeness, i cant believe i forgot about zoey deschanel! i'm gonna blame that on the fact that i dont think she has an album coming out soon (unless i'm wrong which would be exciting…) x

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