Colorado Holiday

Hola Todos!

We are finally back from our Holiday. We had a very rainy time in Colorado, wrought with flash floods and mosquito assaults. We nevertheless had a wonderful time improvising our vacation to accommodate the climate.

We started out hiking 10 miles into the back country among the Aspens. Mosquitoes and rainstorms turned the evening hours into useless daylight, so we smoldered cedar to keep the critters away. The rain was a fortunate intern. Turns out you can buy incense that imitate this scent, we purchased it and are currently enjoying it!

This photo does not do the atmosphere justice.

I can’t believe how trusting the insects are in the San Juans! This particular butterfly was playful, he must have thought our colorful fabrics were some sort of wonderful flower. Sorry to disappoint!

All good hikes go hand in hand with good naps.

Did I mention how curious the wildlife is out there? They are certainly busy bodies.

Never before have I seen wild daisies!

We ended up hiking the Continental Divide, it wraps around this entire valley and exceeds the adjacent continents. It was like the Lord of the Rings journey in North America.

We nibbled on wild raspberries and strawberries. They were tart but that’s typical for this time of year. It was truly delightful to grab snacks on the way up a mountain.

This final photo is to say that I have far too many photos to explain the entire story and time line behind it. I will follow up with more details on each photo series in this synopsis, promise. Just know that every time a bell rings, a Cadillac gets half buried in Amarillo, Texas.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Holiday

  1. why, cadillac ranch!way to not let the rain bring down your spirits. i liked how the mountain welcomed you with snacks and a trail. way to go, colorado!

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