Plantlets: Keeping Succulents Eternal

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to preface this post with an apology. I love my plants, and I just got a new camera. They are my subjects while I sort out the new technology. As it were, I’m like a Jr. High girl who just discovered boys, or a College Freshman who thinks they are too cool for school in their seedy dorm room. Now I’m the soon to be bride with a new camera. I’ll try to take it easy. Promise.

So here you go, photos. Another apology for playing with the filters and not keeping them consistent.

Here is a story…

This little guy comes from a litter:

This litter:

That grew on the sturdy limbs of this:

Who then creates more:

To grow into this magnificent subject.

Mother Nature presents plantlets. Who wants one?


8 thoughts on “Plantlets: Keeping Succulents Eternal

  1. Plants: I know me too! Your pup: NOT too soon. I had two horses that died when I was in Jr. High/Early HS. Trust me, that was the WORST time in life to lose an animal. I know how hard it is, you cope however you can. It never gets any easier, but the older you get the stronger you become! It's incredible. When I'm elderly, I think I'll rejoice mortality!

  2. AWWW your plants are so perfect- I think it's because they are in the baby phase. I am trying to grow plants this year- but I have to protect them from my pugs because they like to gobble them up.

  3. Brissa, I'll look into whether or not I'd be able to ship one of the plantlets to you. I'd be happy to, but we may have to wait til fall so the little darling doesn't cook en route. I think it'd be fun!

  4. ohhhhh my. i heart succulents. i only have one now, but i'm hoping to grow my collection soon! i really appreciate that they ARE hard to kill! because, plants and i don't have a good history….

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