Norman, OK.: Pretty Much Heaven.


If you’ve never been to Norman, Oklahoma, please stop by. This weekend we had our annual Music Festival and it was bodacious! Our friends Ira and Alex came down from KC and we all camped out at our friend Pam’s house after the festival. Music, friends, campfire, and spirits; my idea of a good time.

I know the guy who runs this graphic design place, we may go in on some projects to sell on Etsy. We shall see.

I’ll toast to that!

Jay had to help me find Van Morrison. Of course! In the “M” section!

I bought this for Todd. He turned 24 recently and what better way to celebrate? With a new tank top by Brad.

Arts market: I did end up buying a necklace from my old friend Jordan.

Jay got the cajun pasta, and he didn’t recommend it. It looked like a good idea at the time?

Dag, yo!

Downtown, USA.

The sign when you enter Norman says we’re a city of festivals. It’s true. And when those festivals wind down, we have Jazz in June. I’m looking forward to those Sunday evenings at Lion’s park this summer. More to come!

Happy Sunday!


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