Rationalizing the Sewing Machine in a Minimalist Home

While undertaking the 100 thing challenge, I find myself uncomfortable with eliminating certain amenities from the home. One item in particular is the sewing machine. My machine is a simple and compact machine that I’ve used to make curtains, throw pillows and to repair garments.

Sewing machines are great to have around for fabric and clothing recycling or reuse. Don’t want to get rid of those old t-shirts from high school, college or otherwise? Don’t! Refashion them into a sofa quilt. My favorite is my graphic tees from junior high school, I thought it’d give my house a vintage kick one day.

If you’ve got the skills, sew those shirts in the donate pile into a quilt! I plan on accumulating a few more race shirts to make into a motivational “Runner’s Quilt”.

If your skills are set a little lower, T-shirts are super easy to turn into throw pillowsas well. Just pick up a fill and sew a square! Check out the links to make your own. Have Fun!


One thought on “Rationalizing the Sewing Machine in a Minimalist Home

  1. hey, what's the 100 thing challenge? (sounds like a good blog topic to me) I like the runners quilt idea, you must have done a lot of runs though!

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