South Puget Sound

Tolmie State Park

My idea of risk taking is storing my hiking boots in the garage; which I typically wouldn’t do, but mud is no friend to brand new carpet.

The sun was shining today, so I was eager to get to the nearby state park for a quick stroll along the rocky shoreline of South Puget Sound. To do so, I’d need to get past my undying fear of black widow spiders and clear my boots. I put a swiffer duster in each boot and whisked it around, and even flashed a light down there to be sure I was safe. My confidence must have been lackluster, because I got an adrenaline rush from lacing the boots up over my feet. Talk about a mild existence, you guys.

I’m also 32 weeks pregnant now, so I’m really living on the edge if I’m sticking my feet in dark boots/spider condominiums.

Tolmie State ParkWell, so far so good in terms of spider-bite avoidance. But the next time I plan on walking around the shoreline of Puget Sound in January,  I’ll be sure to bring gloves, and I’ll be doubly sure they aren’t stored in the garage.

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