As the third trimester of this pregnancy quickly approaches, I’m feeling both eager and apprehensive about having baby Margot join us. Pity us first time mothers, because we really have no clue about what we’re doing, but we’re super excited about it!

I’ve purchased nearly all of her baby clothes for her first three months, all second hand, might I add. Paying $1 for a gently used onesie instead of $5 really frees up some cash for us to put into more important (but probably not so important) things like really cool wall art, and materials to refinish our old furniture to use in her nursery. Those are the things that she won’t outgrow, I figure.

I should mention that since the moment I laid eyes on Heather Mattoon’s Cats in Clothes series, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve been waiting for the right time to pick the perfect print and order away; this baby kicking in my belly persuaded me to finally click ‘purchase’.

‘Elise’ is the print I landed on, mainly because she’s the youngest cat in the series with an adorable bio:

Elise is 3 years old. She likes to eat clovers from the back yard. She says “I love you clover!” and then gobbles them up, she says it tastes like lemon.

Heather also sent a greeting card of her ‘Morris’ print thanking me for the purchase and for making her art a part of Margot’s room. It was genuinely touching. Please check out her art on Etsy if you have the chance!

To add height to the otherwise washed out room, I went with a mosquito net to hang over her bed; it also does a great job of framing the fabric pom ball I made to function as a mobile. Those will probably need to come down when she starts standing up in the crib, but for now they look pretty neat.

I’m also elated to report that the old mid-century desk I used in college is no longer coated with scruffy white paint and gone are the stripped pulls that failed invariably when I tried to open the drawers. I spent a couple of weeks in the garage painting and sealing away, in hopes that the new silver coat would breathe new life and new purpose to the piece.

We’re planning on using the desk as a changing table, and eventually Margot can have it as a desk of her own. I’m in love with it, especially when paired with the stool we got for it at an antique mall for $11. I’m also head-over-heels for her vintage Bulova clock.

There are still a few items coming in the mail for her room, and we haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, but I’ll be sure to share the final product when I settle on arrangements for everything. That’s the most time consuming part of the entire nesting process, I think.