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Halloween 2016 + Ardoin Family Update

095a6731 095a6738 095a6727 When I got an email today, from google, notifying me that my website had crawl errors, it occurred to me that I am seriously overdue for a blog post. This year has been full of struggles and hardships (which I …

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Halloween Twenty Fourteen

Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK

Margot will likely leave Alaska thinking Halloween is always spent with loads of winter clothes layered underneath an oversized costume, and that the sugary yield is always to be forfeited over to her greedy, salivating parents. Alaskan toddlers; they have …

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A Halloween Movie Playlist

Fall is finally here! Here in the Evergreen State we don’t much evidence of that except for the early morning fog and tilted sunlight. What excites me most about this time of year is the Halloween Flicks that go largely …