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Category: Spring

Pop Up Glamping

Pop Up Camping - Alaska | Yea Yea Pueblo

I’d like to go back in time to last summer and smack myself upside the head for camping while pregnant, with a toddler, without a camper. What was I thinking? Such an unnecessarily uncomfortable experience, although it was fun and …


Otter Lake, Alaska

Otter Lake, Alaska | Yea Yea Pueblo It took longer than I thought it would for us to go camping with Margot. She’s fourteen months old, and before this last weekend, she’d never slept in a tent. Shameful, I know.

We likely would have stayed in a …


Oklahoma City, OK

Touring a metro area that I called home for nearly a decade seemed a little surreal to me, especially with a growing baby bump and a toddler in tow. I commuted back and forth from the City to Norman, 70 …