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Category: Autumn

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo - WeeHoo We Go Margot is now 3 years old, and Woods is about to turn 2. The time has flown! We’ve been on a few adventures while slinging along babies, and all their baby stuff. The most important aspect of bringing kids along …

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Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna, Alaska | Yea Yea Pueblo Talkeetna, Alaska | Yea Yea Pueblo

I have a knack for finding alterna-towns. That’s what I call them, anyway. They’re crunchy, liberal, quirky, Olympia-styled towns, and they draw me in like a magnet.

This time, I made my way with my family in tow to Talkeetna, …


A Fond Farewell to Summer

Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AK Pioneer Park | Fairbanks, AK Maternity Double Exposure | Yea Yea Photography - Fairbanks, AK

Thirty-nine weeks, folks. That’s how far along I am today. This pregnancy has gone by in a flash, and I’m feeling all sorts of feelings the closer I get to my boy’s due date.

Summer has faded, and the crisp …

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