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The Adventure Mom Gear Guide

The Adventure Mom Gear Guide | Yea Yea Pueblo - WeeHoo We Go Margot is now 3 years old, and Woods is about to turn 2. The time has flown! We’ve been on a few adventures while slinging along babies, and all their baby stuff. The most important aspect of bringing kids along …

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Woods – Six Months Later

Woodrow - Six Month Milestone Session Via Yea Yea Photography

Look at those teeth! That gummy grin is no more as we enter the days of messy baby food, and clumsy baby mobility.

Only after shooting a newborn session last week did I realize that my baby wasn’t such a …

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The Two-Kid Transition

Self Portrait with Kids | Yea Yea Pueblo

Oh, Hi!

Five weeks after bringing the newest Ardoin home, we are all alive and well. Woody has grown exponentially since he was born, maxing out of his newborn onesies and diapers almost immediately. He’s almost ready for size 2 …