Halloween Twenty Fourteen

Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK

Margot will likely leave Alaska thinking Halloween is always spent with loads of winter clothes layered underneath an oversized costume, and that the sugary yield is always to be forfeited over to her greedy, salivating parents. Alaskan toddlers; they have it rough!

Nevertheless, Margot headed out the door for her first participatory Halloween celebration dressed head to toe in Patagonia gear, and a giraffe suit. I almost cried when I saw her waddle down the driveway, shuffling through the snow in her clunky snow boots, while holding her daddy’s hand. She’s just growing so fast, I really wanted to treasure the moment.

I stayed behind to hand out candy, and hang out with Woody. It was about 12F out, and I was feeling pretty partial to my comfortably heated sitting room downstairs. Woody can’t speak, but I’m sure he’d agree with me.

Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK

We were later joined by the Smith family. Their son Gavyn, just two months younger than Margot, is the apple of her eye. She’s been having a blast at play dates with him since the spring, and we mothers joke that they’re young betrothed sweethearts. They hug, and they share contagious giggles that echo off the walls of our cozy homes. Very few things bring more delight than watching them play together.

After this Halloween, I’m convinced I need to keep a big box of costumes on hand for regular play time. Kids in costumes are the greatest!

Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK Halloween 2014 | Fairbanks, AK 095A1415

We (mostly Isaac and I) binged on candy tonight, and will likely feel a gnarly sugar hangover for the next few days (as we continue the Halloween binge – Ha!) since we have lots of leftover candy this year. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a problem.


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  1. CeCe says: Reply

    Giraffe costume is darling- and too funny that Woody already fits in costume Margot wore when she was 7 months old.

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