Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK

This was obviously my first time to witness and photograph the elusive Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK

My blurry, poorly white balanced photos are a sad testament to the glory of Aurora Borealis, at least in comparison to the dozens of well composed images in a google image search of the Northern Lights. I stand proudly by them, nevertheless, just glad to have seen such a sight.

Since moving to Fairbanks, every evening I peek through my blinds to determine one of two things; is it snowing, or is it clear enough to see Aurora Borealis? Tonight, upon hearing that my local Facebook friends had seen the lights, I was on the lookout for the latter. When I finally saw the green glow, I failed to put on gloves, or to even lace up my snow boots before I ran outside to get a better look at the dancing show above. Isaac took one peek, gave an emphatic cool’  and went right back to bed. I was alone in my excitement on this one.

Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK

I stayed up well beyond my bedtime watching the lights from the cozy comfort of home (after retreating the 9 degree weather), bouncing back and forth from one room to another to see which elevation had the best show.

I can’t wait for another show when I can sneak out of the house to the hills for a better view, away from the light pollution of the city, to achieve some well-framed Northern Lights photos.

Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, AK

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  1. Courtney says: Reply

    So beautiful!! Growing up, there was one summer we could see it in Washington. It wasn’t as coloraful, mostly yellows with a little green, but it was –and is still– the most incredible thing I’ve seen. I stayed outside for hours after everyone else went to bed. Breathtaking. I still dream of going to Alaska to see it in all its splendor one day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Crystle says: Reply

      That’s awesome! The lights never made their way down to California, or Oklahoma, unfortunately. I can’t wait to see them again!

  2. So cool! Someday I really want to see them for myself.

  3. those are such gorgeous pictures, you are so lucky!! i’ve always wanted to see them..

    1. Crystle says: Reply

      Thanks, Krystal! I hope I can run up to the hills the next time Aurora is out and about — I’d love to get a few photos framed by a more natural landscape. It’s getting nothing but colder up here, fingers crossed that I’ll be tough enough to brave the negative temps.

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