Home Sweet Home

Furniture: I promise to never take you for granted again.

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After 20+ days of living life on the floor, it’s nice to catch a meal on our second-hand table, in our tacky country chairs. My favorite mis-matched decor hangs from the walls, while yard sale books and knick-knacks clutter the shelves. From the comfort of our sofa I can watch television, edit photos, or read stories to Margot. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by our familiar home goods again. 

Even with empty boxes and paper piled high in the garage, a messy studio space downstairs, and disorganized closets, this new place is feeling like home. Margot got her first haircut in the dining room, my new camera’s first images were of the family room, and Isaac’s first taste of furniture upcycling was in the garage. Margot is almost 7 months old now, she’ll be walking before we know it, and this will be the home she learns in. Many more firsts are on the horizon for us. 

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Finally, burnt waffles, comfy beds, and even uncooperative baby gates are the norm again.

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  1. Pat Kearney says: Reply

    Looks like a lovely and cheery place you have. And oh my, those eyes of Baby Margot, what a doll ! Not fair that Christie and I
    have to see her from a distance….and your kitchen looks great, no telling what all you can create ! Enjoy every minute…..


  2. Christie says: Reply

    What a relief! I guess Margot didn’t know what all the excitement was about since living on the floor is “normal” for her!
    But, happy parents make a happy baby. It all looks beautiful!

  3. hollie says: Reply

    your posts aren’t showing up in my bloglovin feed! 🙁

    1. Crystle says: Reply

      Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the RSS feed, but my blog shows up in two listings on BlogLovin. One of them has the newest post showing, the other doesn’t. I’ve contact support to have them help. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!

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