Margot + Bananas

Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo

Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo

We couldn’t ask for more when it comes to our baby girl. Margot is healthy, easy-going, and beautiful. She’s hitting all her baby milestones rather early and our job as parents has been as smooth as silk. At her four month appointment, her pediatrician approved a slowly-integrated menu of solids, a welcome change.

Margot - Five Months Old | Yea Yea Pueblo

Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo

While I was still pregnant, my sister-in-law Anna and her fiancè  Jonathan were gracious enough to gift us the Baby Bullet to help our transition into solids further down the line. It sat on the shelf until this glorious day when Margot was finally ready to sample solids.

Of course I was there with my Canon, ready to document the auspicious occasion.

We pureèd bananas with water and hoped for the best, and the best it was. Margot absolutely loved her soupy bananas, and grabbed for more any time the spoon was in her reach. It was adorably messy and incredibly time consuming.

Bottles feed her much quicker, but we all seem to enjoy the novelty of a new phase.
Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo

To bring her into the world was amazing enough, but to see her eventually initiate tummy time on her own and unsteadily hold her head up by herself–that was inconceivable! Now she can sit up and eat semi-solids. We are but quieted wallflowers. Our Margot is growing up in a flash and there is nothing we can do to reel it in. Her teeth are coming in! She loves bananas! She loves Radiohead lullabies! She giggles and crawls after our elderly Beagle, Yango. With every new day of life she becomes more animated.

Is there anything else to do but resign ourselves to the inevitability of growth? But I suppose, as she grows, we do too. Vicariously and metaphorically.

Margot - Five Months | Yea Yea Pueblo

We were lucky enough

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  1. She’s so cute! Crawling at 4 months! wow. 🙂

  2. Christie Ardoin says: Reply

    Big milestone! So much fun! What will she get to eat next?

  3. says: Reply

    Maybe if I’d just eat bananas, I’d be healthy (and lose a few ) ! Oma

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