Tiny Dresses

Margot + Yango | Yea Yea Pueblo While I thoroughly enjoy the tender moments when my elderly beagle, Yango, gingerly sniffs the chubby face and little toes of my darling Margot, I find that by far, tiny dresses are the best part of having a baby girl. I can’t visit major retailers without detouring to the baby section to thumb through the racks for a tiny dress for my tiny girl. Call it projection, call it what you will, but there’s something about the mini hangers, the little bloomers, and the lively patterns; it’s all so adorable and so addictive.

Margot will wear this Anchor dress to Vancouver, British Columbia this weekend, our first “international” trip with her.┬áMy festive baby will fit right in.

Margot | Yea Yea Pueblo

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  1. Oma says: Reply

    How adorable is that (for travel) ! She seems a little leery of that nose sniffing her ear !
    Have a lovely weekend…..

  2. Christie Ardoin says: Reply

    We want to hear all about your trip- we’re considering taking the trip north while we’re there in July- can’t wait to see Margot(and her tiny dresses) in person!

  3. What a beauty! I still can’t get over all of her hair! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. stop. ovaries aching.

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