Margot in the Morning

Margot in the Morning | Yea Yea Pueblo On days like today, Margot is disinclined to greet the morning sun. She stirs in her bassinet, shying away from the daylight that shines through the blinds of our picture window. Eventually she shakes her sleepiness with a labored yawn and welcomes the day with a few gummy grins for her mama and papa.

These fleeting moments are a gift every day. Margot in the Morning | Yea Yea Pueblo Margot in the Morning | Yea Yea Pueblo Because, when the memory of a delicious meal flickers in her eye, hunger conquers the occasion. That’s when I get an adorable sad face like this:

Margot in the Morning | Yea Yea Pueblo and I know it’s the beginning of another honeyed day.

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  1. Oma says: Reply

    Mental Telepathy ! Just thinking it was about time to have a greeting from Margot !
    Pretty adorable ! Thanks, Oma & Poppa

  2. Baby frown-y faces are so heart-melting. Margot is getting even prettier =) Love all that hair!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I love seeing her grow a little more into a little lady every day.

  3. Christie Ardoin says: Reply

    Your timing with photography is marvelous! Baby emotions are so pure- aren’t they wonderful? Thanks for capturing them.

    1. Thanks! ‘Timing’ in photography is synonymous with ‘waiting’. I try not to blink either, because that’s how quick her expressions change!

  4. Hollie says: Reply

    Oh my gah, she’s so cute!

  5. she’s a cutie!

    xo, brooke

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